Fräulein Modelism

This is My Voyage Down The Rabbit Hole. It's not time to find myself, rather it's time to re-create myself.
This all comes from my hope that people will see la vie en rose.
In other English, and more descriptive words, life in rosy pink hues.

"Baby went to Amsterdam."
A beautiful, up and always coming fashion forward & cultured city.
Amsterdam has made its mark on the world, by being an electric red city, that holds the hopes of the youth and the ageless!
 Fashion week 2012 via Amsterdam, is always a hit for the Dutch fashion world.
Major trends seen on the runways this year are BOLD, BOLD statement prints and lots of neon coloured pieces.
Amsterdam will definitely be my next travel destination, I can’t wait to experience what fashion, and cultural secrets the intriguing city holds.
  • 12 January 2012
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